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Published: 18th February 2009
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If you are after reliable stock data, it needs to be in a format where it will be easily read by numerous available software programs. There are companies who sell stock market data at an affordable price and if you've got existing stocks data technical analysis software, you can easily browse and use the information. ASCII stock data format is the most popular data format that are compatible with any Window-based stocks management software. You can get the historical stock quotes of previous periods easily such as end of day or intraday. With ASCII stock data, even without the software programs for stock exchange, you can easily access the data through Microsoft Access or Excel. You don't have to pay for some of these software programs that are at times costly and requires periodical subscription fees.

The word ASCII stands for American Standard Code of Information Interchange. The information does not require special software programs to be able to decode it. The fields available for an ASCII stock data is the trading date, the open price, the high price, low and last price as well as the volume. Through the ASCII data format, the information can be analyzed easily by any charting software available on your personal computer. It's more convenient than having the entire folder of the software program that produced the data. It saves disk space and the information can be readily accessed any time of the day giving you accurate stock information with just a few clicks of the mouse.
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