My CashCrate Experience – CashCrate Scam Revealed

Published: 05th January 2009
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The concept of completing surveys online and making money is appealing, especially to those in need of extra income. I thought I had found the ideal money-maker in a survey service I found online when I got to know of Cashcrate. Cashcrate is legit and pays by check on a monthly basis. I had noticed some complaints online regarding this company and many people complained that about Cashcrate scam which made me wonder if I was missing something as my experience had been all good so far. So I thought of doing a Cashcrate Review myself this time.

Cashcrate gives you interesting choices. The pay is small for the most part, maybe 25 cents, 35 cents, occasionally a dollar or two. They take a few minutes of my time and they all add up over a month's time. My checks so far have been around $20 to $40 a month, but that is without much effort on my part. I have heard of others making $150 or more each month. I would imagine they spend a good amount of time filling out surveys and completing trial offers. But then they must have the time to spare.

Is it worth it? All depends on how much time you have and how badly you need to make extra money. Just do not expect to get rich quick on these type of jobs.... it won't happen!

The point is however, you put in a little effort and time and in return, you have checks coming in each month. How big they are is entirely up to you.

This survey service also has a referral service. If you get others interested and they sign up under you, each time they make money, so do you! Sure it's only pennies but they do all add up!

On the downside of this business is the boring, tedious job of completing these offers and surveys form after form. And you must not forget to cancel any trial offers that involve your credit card because they will charge you a fee once the trial is over. If you have the time and patience, maybe survey services like Cashcrate will work for you as they do for many others.

I've been able to pay the rent with GPT Infinity alone, It's been a nice boost to my monthly income, if you're interested in GPT Infinity you can sign up Here.

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