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Published: 17th February 2009
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Whether you are into stocks, futures, options or foreign exchange, CSI is the pioneer market data vendor delivering accurate and real-time market data vital in our success and profitability in this highly volatile and risky trades.

The historical end of day data on stocks, commodities, currencies and mutual funds include the open, high, close, volume, interest and other pertinent data. Such information is derived from various international trading centers worldwide having a 24 hours ad day and seven days a week access and if you're a potential trader, you can access the historical quotes as early as twenty years ago. With this capability, Google, Yahoo and MSN use the CSI data in its finance web portals due to its unparalleled accuracy on real-time market data. If there are errors occurred, CSI automatically publishes it in its CSI Technical Journal which is available monthly. The errors published occurred within the last thirty days.

Users of the Unfair Advantage System created by CSI are assured that they are getting clean and reliable historical end of day market data. CSI data comes in an easy to read format which you can access using any other charting software available. With a reliable data source, a trader involved in this high-risk trade is assured of its success and profitability and the possibility of incurring minimal loss if the data is not carefully analyzed. Another great advantage of acquiring CSI data is its fast downloading time - a feat that is yet to be done by other market data vendors.
Commodity Systems Inc (CSI) has been selling the worlds cleanest stock, commodity, and options data for over 30 years. CSI is Microsoft and Yahoos #1 provider of financial market data

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